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Transforming the Way to Guac with the New Yucatan Squeeze Pouch

​There’s a new package in town that is about to refresh taco Tuesdays.

Yucatan Guacamole® Squeeze is the first guacamole product to be used in the premade STANDCAP inverted pouch by Glenroy. This game-changing pouch transforms guacamole from a traditional dip to an on-demand condiment while keeping it fresh AND green for up to 10 days after opening.

New Usage Occasions

The squeeze pouch provides a new packaging solution in a category dominated by rigid package formats such as tubs. The gravity-fed, portable pouch creates a new use of guacamole by allowing consumers to easily squeeze out fresh guacamole in a clean & controlled manner without the need for utensils resulting in a mess-free and time-saving experience.

This new experience application extends guacamole into a completely new category: from a traditional dip to an on-demand condiment.

Keepin’ it Fresh

Thanks to the barrier properties of the custom pouch film structure and innovative closure, guacamole stays green for up to 10 days after opening (typically 2-3 days with traditional, rigid packaging) resulting in happy consumers and less food waste.

In addition to preserving flavor, the multilayer film structure adds durability to the easy-to-squeeze flexible package. Developed by Aptar, the closure provides the pouch with stability and features an easy to open flip-lid, built-in tamper evidence, and proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology that improves oxygen barrier and maintains product freshness between uses.

Adapting to Today’s Consumers

When compared to rigid packaging formats, the lightweight inverted pouch takes up less space, results in the reduction of overall fossil fuel consumption, and contributes to fewer greenhouse gas emissions during its life cycle.

The portable squeeze pouch can be transported without the chance of breaking if dropped, making it an ideal package for on-the-go consumers and e-commerce applications.

Standing out from the Crowd

The bold design and unique inverted shape help the Yucatan Guacamole® Squeeze pouch to pop on the shelves when compared to its competition in typical tubs.

The clear window allows the green guacamole product to show through and become part of the overall package experience, allowing customers to see the product inside.

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