SoChatti – Innovative Product & Packaging Combo for the Chocolate Industry

SoChatti is a new chocolate product made and packaged to preserve the rich, delicate flavors of chocolate that aren’t available in most chocolate products on the market today.

SoChatti is on a mission to introduce the world to the real flavor of chocolate and its packaging is an integral component of achieving that goal. SoChatti comes in a uniquely-shaped, spouted pouch from Glenroy that preserves the specific aromas and flavors of the cacao bean, which SoChatti sources from various regions of the world and uses in its artisanal “chocolate on tap.”

Additionally, SoChatti’s packaging enables the chocolate to be shelf stable for up to two years without any preservatives or emulsifiers. The SoChatti pouch incorporates a channel into the seal area which interlocks with the SoChatti chocolate dispenser.

The Situation

Although the history of chocolate dates back to 350 BC, it wasn’t until the 1800’s that chocolate became available in solid form. For centuries, chocolate was traditionally consumed in the form of a liquid. It’s common knowledge among chocolate makers that chocolate is best consumed warm, because it draws out the complex flavors and aromas of cacao beans from various regions of the world.

Chocolate loses these unique flavors after brief exposure to oxygen. Tempered solid chocolate was developed to decrease chocolate’s susceptibility to moisture degradation; however, it was unable to prevent the oxidation and loss of complex flavors and aromas. In addition, the tempering process requires careful temperature cycling in order to select for a single cacao butter crystal structure, which requires significant time and equipment.

Matt Rubin, SoChatti Founder & CEO
As a result, SoChatti recognized that consumers wouldn’t have access to these unique flavors unless they reinvented the process of crafting and delivering chocolate. The SoChatti chocolate pouch, produced by GlenroyTM, was a key part of the solution, allowing consumers to enjoy chocolate on demand in a form previously only available to chocolate makers.

“It was very important for us to create a chocolate with incredible flavor that doesn’t degrade over time, in which the last bite is just as delicious as the first bite,” said Matt Rubin, SoChatti’s Founder and CEO. “The pouch technology from Glenroy has enabled that to happen. People can’t believe that it’s the same chocolate throughout the entire experience.”

The Solution

The structure of the packaging film used for the SoChatti chocolate pouch provides a superior oxygen barrier and prevents oxygen from destroying the flavors characteristic of cacao beans originating from origins like Trinidad, Peru, Honduras, and others.

Prior to filling the pouch, SoChatti chocolate is outgassed using a proprietary process to remove any microscopic dissolved air bubbles and to adjust the aromatic profile of the product. The chocolate is then directly filled through the AptarGroup nozzle under high pressure, automatically sealing in the complex flavors behind the Aptar self-sealing valve. Unlike conventional chocolate bars, the SoChatti pouch is filled with untempered chocolate, thereby removing many of the typical processing steps.

The product is completely shelf-stable, can be stored and transported at temperatures up to 120F, and can be subjected to repeated thermal cycling without degradation. This allows SoChatti to utilize conventional warehouse and fulfilment services, and eliminates the cold-chain distribution requirements of conventional chocolate products. As Matt explained, “Chocolate products are considered hazardous to fulfilment centers during summer months. But this pouch has enabled SoChatti to receive a special exemption from Amazon to enable year-round fulfillment without temperature regulation or waste.”
SoChatti Chocolate Warmer
When the pouch is submersed in warm water or placed within the SoChatti Warmer, the magic happens. With the convenient piping tip provided by the Aptar closure, the melted chocolate can be dispensed directly from the pouch and enjoyed. SoChatti can be used in baking, drizzled onto favorite snacks, or eaten on its own. The valve enables the chocolate to flow at the optimum pressure level allowing chocolate purists to easily dispense the product into a spoon or shot glass to enjoy.

The company has also created a sleek SoChatti chocolate dispenser designed for restaurants or chocolate connoisseurs to warm and dispense the chocolate. The channel in the seal of the SoChatti chocolate pouch is designed to interlock with the dispenser, ensuring the pouch is seated securely and allowing the dispenser to be easily loaded with one hand.

The Results

“In addition to selling to restaurants, the Glenroy pouch enabled us to be a direct-to-consumer product, expanding our customer base,” Matt explained. “With this unique package, SoChatti has reinvented and heightened the chocolate experience, bringing to consumers what was previously only available to chocolate makers.”

Chocolate fans rave about SoChatti in online reviews, stating “You think you know what chocolate tastes like…and then you try SoChatti” and “SoChatti changes everything you know about chocolate. The incredible texture, the amazing taste, the ease of use…it’s an entirely new world of chocolate enjoyment. It’s difficult to describe how delicious this is.”

The custom-engineered spouted pouch manufactured by Glenroy is one piece of the puzzle that makes this unique new product possible. Chocolate addicts of the world rejoice!