Sustainable Flexible Packaging Experts for Over 55 Years.

Leading brands turn to Glenroy® for the innovative premade STANDCAP Pouch, eco-friendly flexible packaging, and recyclable stand-up pouches.

Flexible Packaging

Multilayer flexible packaging rollstock and stand-up pouches engineered specifically for your products’ unique formulations:

Flexible Packaging Films

Fully customized & engineered for your products’ formulations, distribution methods, and filling equipment.

Premade STANDCAP Pouches

Provide consumers with a new level of convenience  with the innovative premade STANDCAP Pouches.

Stand-up Pouches

We help leading brands convert to
customized stand-up pouches.

Narrow Web Flexible Packaging

Surface-printable flexible packaging rollstock for narrow web printers.

TruRenu Sustainable Flexible Packaging Portfolio

The TruRenu sustainable flexible packaging portfolio features recyclable pouches and film laminations that qualify for the How2Recycle® store drop-off label program, post-consumer recycled (PCR) pouches and film laminations made with up to 53% recycled content and the eco-friendly premade STANDCAP Pouch in a PCR format with up to 48% recycled content.


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Eco Impact of STANDCAP vs. Rigid Plastics

Choosing premade STANDCAP Pouches instead of rigid plastic packaging results in up to: 63% less plastic (by weight); 61% less fossil fuel consumption; 62% less greenhouse gas emissions; 76% less water usage; and 52% less landfill waste (even when factoring in plastic recycling rates).


See the LCA study on FPA's website


Our culture is rooted in environmental responsibility – through our people, in our products, and in our partnerships. We strive to become more sustainable every day.


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Browse the Flexible Packaging Gallery

Jump-start your imagination with our interactive flexible packaging gallery.


Jump-start your imagination with our interactive flexible packaging gallery.


Tom Danneker, Glenroy President & CEO

A Message from our President & CEO

Glenroy recognizes the importance of flexible packaging to meet our country’s need for essential products like health & hygiene care, pharmaceuticals, and food. As an essential manufacturer, all of Glenroy’s manufacturing operations are running as normal and we are continuing to communicate regularly with our customers to meet their needs. While meeting this demand, Glenroy has remained focused on the safety of our employees and doing our part to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our community.

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Tom Danneker, Glenroy President & CEO

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