In the News: Innovation Showcase Spotlight

Glenroy® was featured in the Go Flex Blog for the Innovation Showcase Spotlight for January 2024.

Glenroy, Inc. 

  • With the Harry’s Body Wash Refill Pouch, you can replace the equivalent of 2.5 plastic bottles in just one pouch! Made of a sturdy flexible structure that uses up to 60% less plastic than rigid bottles, Harry’s continues to lower their carbon footprint. 
  • The Oribe Refill Pouches- 1 L are designed with sustainability in mind— using less plastic, less fossil fuels in transport, and even reducing water usage by 85%. 
  • The Trader Joe’s® Peanut Butter Caramel Coated Popcorn Zipper Pouch is easy to reseal, protects the product from moisture, and is printed with a satisfying matte finish. This packaging is lightweight and requires less energy to manufacture and transport, resulting in less fossil fuel use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

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