Slider Pouches

Sliders are easy to open and reclose, and they provide a cost-effective way to raise the perceived value of your products and improve the consumer experience.

Pre-made Pouches with Sliders

Sliders are a preferred closure option of consumers because they are highly convenient, easy to open, and provide assurance of complete fastening. Especially helpful for products that will be opened and closed multiple times, sliders increase the perceived value and freshness of your products, and provide an additional selling point for choosing your product over the competition.

We offer a wide range of sliders and slider tracks, and can help you determine the type of slider best suited for your application.

Hooded Sliders

Hooded slider pouches provide additional tamper evidence and barrier properties. They consist of a low-profile slider within a film header that is hermetically sealed. The film header can include features such as hanger holes, and can also be designed with a tear notch or laser scoring to facilitate easy tear propagation without the need for scissors.

Slider Zipper Types

Types of sliders we offer include:

  • Ergonomic sliders
  • Low profile sliders (ideal for hooded slider pouches)
  • Particle-proof sliders (ideal for powders or particulates)
  • Sliders with or without end clips

Slider pouches are also available with a variety of other features as well. Read more on our stand up pouches page.

Shelf Impact

With our award-winning flexible package printing, your consumer-friendly slider pouches are guaranteed to have impactful shelf presence. We’ve won over 100 printing and packaging awards, and we are a Graphics Measures International (GMI) Certified Print Facility.