Flexible Packaging

As flexible packaging experts since 1965, Glenroy has specialized in high-quality, high-barrier customized flexible packaging solutions — including rollstock (for stick packs, sachets, lidding film, packets, etc.), inverted pouches (premade STANDCAP Pouch), and stand-up pouches (zipper pouches, spouted pouches, 3-side sealed pouches, etc.).

Flexible Packaging Films

Printed flexible packaging rollstock for use in vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal equipment, custom-engineered with the properties your products require to extend shelf life and use, such as high barriers, chemical resistance, and puncture resistance. This packaging solution is used for flexible packaging formats such as stick packs, sachets, packets, 3-side seal pouches, and more.
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What is flexible packaging?

Non-rigid packaging structures used to package and protect products. According to the Flexible Packaging Association, flexible packaging is any package or any part of a package whose shape can be readily changed. Common examples of flexible packaging are bags and pouches.

What is converting?

Converting is simply changing something into a different form. In the case of flexible packaging, converting would be the process of utilizing films, foils and resins and through the process of lamination, forming them into a multilayer structure.

Do you form and fill packages?

No, we supply custom-engineered, printed or unprinted:

  • multilayer flexible packaging rollstock
  • premade pouches (such as stand-up pouches) which are formed, filled, and sealed by contract packaging companies or by manufacturers with packaging equipment

We work with an extensive network of contract packaging companies and can refer you to a contract packaging company if you need forming, filling, and sealing capabilities.

Why is product/package compatibility testing strongly suggested for products without a known history in a flexible packaging structure?

Product/package compatibility testing is a screening process to determine if a given product might have any adverse effects on the packaging structure. The most common adverse effect is a reduction in the adhesion levels between the layers of the structure. The reduction in adhesion levels can range from slightly noticeable to full delamination. The more severe the interlayer adhesion level reduction, the more difficult it will be to tear open the package and the lower the package burst strength will be. The product/packaging compatibility testing will help to determine the most cost effective structure for the product.

Learn more about product/package compatibility testing.

Stand-up Pouches & Bags

As a leading flexible packaging manufacturer in the packaging industry, Glenroy specializes in offering fully customized, eco-friendly stand-up pouches & bags that not only extend product shelf life but also significantly enhance the consumer experience. Our diverse range of stand-up pouch options includes innovative store drop-off recyclable pouches and pouches made with post-consumer recycled (PCR) content pouches, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Our stand-up pouches are equipped with various convenient features such as resealable zippers & sliders, easy-pour spouts, peel & reseal closures, ergonomic handles, and more. These pouches are exceptionally suited for a wide array of products across different markets, including food & beverage, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical & medical items, pet food & treats, personal care essentials, and various household products. Glenroy’s packaging solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of both the market and the environment.

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Narrow Web Flexible Packaging

Surface-printable flexible packaging rollstock that sets the standard for quality in the packaging industry. The Glenroy ExpressWeb™ sustainable packaging, flexible packaging solution comes unprinted with multiple options of barrier structures available.
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Narrow Web Flexible Packaging Film FAQs

Do you offer custom laminations for surface printing?

Yes, in addition to our stocked ExpressWeb flexible packaging films, we can custom-manufacture unprinted flexible packaging laminations ideal for narrow web printers.

What are Glenroy’s ExpressWeb standard film widths?

Glenroy’s stock narrow web films are carried in 40", 45" & 52" widths, which can be slit to accommodate the needs of an application.

What are ExpressWeb packaging films?

Please visit our narrow web flexible packaging page for further for details on our ExpressWeb surface printable flexible packaging films.

What are the typical lead times for ExpressWeb narrow web flexible packaging materials?

ExpressWeb surface printable flexible packaging films are stocked and ready to ship within two to three business days.