Adhesive Laminating & Coating

Adhesive Laminating & Coating

Glenroy’s adhesive laminating and coating machinery provides some of the top adhesive laminating and coating capabilities in the industry. Utilizing new technologies, Glenroy’s innovative adhesive laminating and coating machinery features advanced application and drying abilities that few adhesive laminating and coating lines offer.

Expertise in both extrusion and adhesive laminating allows Glenroy to provide a wide range of sophisticated packaging film laminations, including hybrid packaging film structures that utilize both extrusion and adhesive laminations. Glenroy’s high-performance adhesive system provides the utmost versatility in substrates that can be bonded, and affords the ability to design flexible packaging films that withstand aggressive contents.

Glenroy’s flexible packaging films are known for having superior roll profile and:

  • running at faster speeds and performing consistently on form, fill & seal lines, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.
  • providing consistency from roll to roll, eliminating the need for constant adjustments on filling lines.
  • running well down to the roll core, reducing material scrap waste.

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Adhesive-laminated or coated flexible packaging films are available in widths up to 55”. To ensure superior roll profile and consistency, we utilize quality procedures such as:

  • Basis weight analysis
  • Adhesion analysis
  • Peel/seal analysis (if applicable)
  • Coating weight analysis

Heat-seal Coating

In addition to flexible packaging laminations, Glenroy also provides heat-seal coating, often used in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Glenroy’s advanced adhesive coating machinery can apply an extremely wide range of coatings and coating weights.

Adhesive Laminating & Coating of Flexible Packaging