Zipper Pouches

Press-to-close (PTC) zippers provide an economical way to make your pouches easily resealable, improving the consumer experience. We engineer and manufacture customized stand up pouches with a wide range of press-to-close zippers.

Eco Impact of Stand-up Zipper Pouches vs. Rigid HDPE Canisters

According to a recent LCA study by PTIS, choosing Stand-up Zipper Pouches instead of rigid HDPE canisters results in up to:

  • 81% less plastic (by weight).
  • 82% less fossil fuel consumption.
  • 82% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 64% less water usage.
  • 78% less landfill waste (even when factoring in plastic recycling rates).

    Resealable Pouch Advantages

    Press-to-close zippers are an excellent, cost-effective recloseable/resealable option for many types of pouches, including both stand up pouches and lay-flat pouches. Press-to-close zippers:

    • are lightweight and ideal for on-the-go consumers and ecommerce
    • provide convenient recloseability
    • preserve the freshness of your products for consumers
    • increase likelihood of original package retention, keeping your brand in front of the consumer
    • protect against spills and contamination

    Zipper Closure Styles

    We can provide many different styles of single and double-track press-to-close zippers for your pouches. Press-to-close zipper styles include:

    • Flange zippers
    • Ribbed zippers
    • Color reveal zippers
    • Double-lock zippers
    • Thermoform zippers
    • Powder-Proof™ zippers
    • EASY-LOCK by APLIX® zippers

    Powder-Proof™ Zipper

    Ideal for powders and particulates, Zip-Pak’s Powder-Proof™ zipper features a patented evacuation port technology which eliminates clogged zippers and provides easy, secure resealing.

    Products such as flour, sugar, and grains can prevent standard press-to-close zippers from being securely resealed, but the innovative Powder-Proof™ zipper is designed with a channel for powder or particulate residue to fall backwards into the package instead of blocking the zipper channels.

    Made of low-density polyethylene (LDPED), Powder-Proof™ zippers are available in various designs for use on most pouch converting machines, horizontal form fill seal machinery, and vertical form fill seal machinery.


    The EASY-LOCK hook-to-hook closure provides audible and tactile feedback while being pressed closed, providing users with assurance that their package is fully sealed. Consisting of food-grade, heat-sealable polyethylene, this innovative closure can be easily reclosed without being hindered by residues from powders or particulates.

    Pouch Engineering Expertise

    We understand that your package communicates the quality of your brand, and quality is essential. Unlike many flexible packaging manufacturers, we own a wide variety of state-of-the-art pouching machinery. This provides us with full control of your pouches’ quality throughout the entire process.

    And we’ll collaborate with you. Our packaging engineers will work with you to create customized zipper pouches based upon your product’s unique formulation, projected life cycle, and filling equipment. We offer the capabilities you need to create consumer-centric zipper pouches with shelf impact.