Package Engineering Expertise

Package Engineering Expertise

Our packaging engineers and packaging application engineers possess some of the industry’s top flexible packaging expertise, while providing personalized, one-on-one technical support. They are responsive and readily accessible for all of our customers. A wide variety of complimentary technical services are provided for our customers.

Package Engineering

Our packaging engineers will analyze your product and engineer flexible packaging structures based on your products unique formulation, distribution processes, usage characteristics, project life cycle, and filling equipment.

Reverse Engineering

To assist with the process of selecting a flexible packaging structure, our packaging engineers can reverse engineer existing flexible packaging in the marketplace to help you determine what flexible packaging materials are being used for existing products. This is also referred to as “material breakdown testing”.

Product/Package Compatibility Testing

This testing determines how your product interacts with various flexible packaging structures, and will help with identifying adverse effects that a product has on flexible packaging materials, such as chemical degradation or delamination. This testing is an invaluable tool when selecting flexible packaging materials that will perform over time.

Pouch Sizing

We can suggest pouch dimensions based on the product type, volume, and develop pouch mockups or prototypes in various configurations.

Package Design & Prototyping

Our packaging engineers provide comprehensive package design services, helping you bring your package from conception to engineering to production. Collaborating and brainstorming with you to ensure your packaging meets the goals of all stakeholders, our packaging engineers can create innovative package or stand up pouch prototypes printed with your own graphics, incorporating unique shapes, fitments, and other value-added features that provide convenience and shelf impact. Our knowledgeable packaging engineers have been invited to speak as pouch experts at several industry conferences, and they have helped leading brands convert to stand up pouches.

On-site Technical Assistance

Our packaging and process engineers are readily available to travel to your location and troubleshoot issues or provide insights when running our flexible packaging films on your filling machinery.

Pouch Testing

Our packaging engineers will subject your packaging to various types of testing, which may include:

  • product/package compatibility testing
  • compression testing
  • interlayer adhesion testing
  • seal testing
  • puncture resistance testing
  • tensile testing
  • burst testing
  • drop testing