Why Choose Glenroy? Our Customers Explain it Best:

“As the branded leader of honey in the U.S., it’s our role to bring innovation to the honey shelf and kitchens across the country – whether that’s in taste, purity, testing, or packaging. Our new 16-ounce pouches are unique to the market and allow our customers to enjoy our honey with every easy squeeze yet still trust that every drop is as simple and pure as it is straight from the hive. This container has 60% less plastic than a 16-oz PET bottle and will use 70% less water and emit about 50% less CO2.

Nathan Sheets, CEO
Nature Nate’s Honey Co.

“We should all strive for a better sustainability approach. With Bio-Active Septic Tank Treatment, we wanted to set the standard and lead by example to have industry-first recyclable packaging. We look forward to moving our RV/Marine drop-in sanitation products into this recyclable packaging in the future.”

Tony Butler, RV and Marine Sales Manager

Premade STANDCAP Pouch for BBQ Sauce
Premade STANDCAP Pouch for BBQ Sauce

“We wanted to understand our environmental impact from a holistic standpoint and look for ways to reduce our natural resource consumption as we launched these organic items. It’s important to make an impact where we can, and our fans expect us to do so. Glenroy’s premade STANDCAP Pouch is a huge upgrade for convenience and usability, and proves you can bring meaningful innovation to consumers and do good for the planet at the same time.”

Rob Johnson, Founder & CEO
Born Simple

“It was very important for us to create a chocolate with incredible flavor that doesn’t degrade over time, in which the last bite is just as delicious as the first bite. The pouch technology from Glenroy has enabled that to happen. Chocolate products are considered hazardous to fulfillment centers during summer months, but this pouch has enabled SoChatti to receive a special exemption from Amazon to enable year-round fulfillment without temperature regulation or waste.”

Matt Rubin, Founder and CEO
SoChatti Chocolate

“We are receiving positive feedback from just about everyone about the product and its packaging. Almost all of the large health systems have green initiatives, and we have become a natural fit to help them to comply with and meet their goals for sourcing. People also like the fact that it’s 100% manufactured in the United States, and the product is approved for use in the United States and Canada, as well as in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.”

Director of Marketing
HR Pharmaceuticals  

“We think this was a good time to offer product in a pouch. From a quality perspective, the pouches allow us to optimize the pasteurization profile, creating a crisper, more flavorable profile that meets or even exceeds our jar products.” 

Larry Beckman, Vice President of Manufacturing
Mt. Olive Pickle Company

Premade STANDCAP Pouch for BBQ Sauce

“We are currently looking toward the future and seeking innovative solutions to reduce and minimalize the packaging for all of our products. Specifically, we are evaluating other items within our product offering that would be well suited for flexible packaging.”

Christian Rudolph, Product Manager

“As third-generation beekeepers, we know that the best honey comes from happy, healthy bees. With honeybees providing one third of all the food we eat, we understand the importance of our environment and helping any way we can. With the STANDCAP Pouch, we bring to market a more environmentally-friendly package, with an easy-to-use application that provides such a beneficial product like pure, raw, honey from Chico Honey Co.”

Mike Watson, Director of Sales
Olivarez Honey Bees, Inc.

Premade STANDCAP Pouch for BBQ Sauce

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