NEUTECH Packaging Systems: Solving Production Challenges with Glenroy’s Flexible Packaging

NEUTECH Packaging Systems, a provider of packaging equipment and packaging consulting services, is based in Lexington, Kentucky, and works with customers to provide innovative, cost-effective packaging solutions.

The Situation

NEUTECH Packaging Systems was approached by a potential customer who informed the company that its current supplier of flexible packaging would no longer be able to supply its material. In order to keep production moving according to the customer’s schedule, NEUTECH needed to act quickly to find a new flexible packaging supplier that met the requirements of the project.

Due to the type of product being packaged, NEUTECH required a flexible packaging film with a high level of barrier protection to ensure product integrity. In addition, fast lead times were crucial to ensure that the customer’s supply would not be interrupted. Lastly, NEUTECH needed a flexible packaging supplier skilled at developing custom-engineered solutions to fit the rest of the company’s product offering.

The Solution

Dave Neuer, owner of NEUTECH, searched online for a new supplier and came across Glenroy’s website. After learning more about Glenroy’s reputation for fast lead times and high quality, he requested more information. Glenroy quickly responded and began discussing solutions with NEUTECH to meet its customer’s specifications and lead time requirements.

Glenroy’s product development team proceeded to develop a custom-engineered structure to meet the specifications of the project. Because of the product’s corrosive and abrasive qualities, it was crucial to develop the packaging with superior oxygen and moisture barrier properties. In addition, the product required packaging with exceptional seal strength.

The Results

Glenroy successfully trialed and produced a new high-barrier flexible packaging film for NEUTECH without impacting its customer’s supply. NEUTECH’s customer is now consistently using Glenroy’s material in its day-to-day production.

According to Neuer, “NEUTECH Packaging Systems has built our business on providing value-added products and services. The majority of our day-to-day business is custom-engineered films, so Glenroy was a perfect fit for our current product offering. Additionally, Glenroy was willing to work with us and partner with us for new applications in the market we serve. Many companies we reach out to are very close-minded, but Glenroy listened and provided a solution, and we both earned a new customer.”