Multi-Pack Solutions

The Situation

Multi-Pack Solutions is a longtime Glenroy customer, having utilized Glenroy as a converter for over 25 years. However, businesses are always looking for the most cost-effective and efficient production methods, especially in these challenging economic times. So recently, one of Multi-Pack Solutions’ customers opted to try a new converter who was close by, allowing easier access for press runs, production processes, etc.

Unfortunately, the choice turned out to not meet expectations, with the new converter unable to turn around the order in a timely fashion. Multi-Pack Solutions became concerned about meeting production and customer deadlines and contacted Glenroy to see if they could help.

The Solution

Glenroy, which prides itself on its unparalleled customer service, jumped in immediately to help Multi-Pack Solutions quickly resolve this issue. Glenroy’s planning, scheduling and manufacturing team members quickly met to determine how to meet this valued customer’s needs.

The Results

In record time, Glenroy produced eight different orders, equaling more than 75,000,000 square inches of product. Glenroy cut the normal 3½ week lead time (from proof approval to completion) down to four days and did it without sacrificing production efficiency or product quality!

Glenroy not only provided unprecedented turnaround time, but by running the eight items in a combined campaign run, Multi-Pack Solutions saved thousands of dollars!

According to Keith Wyatt, Multi-Pack Solutions’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Glenroy provided “miraculous” turnaround on these orders. Wyatt said the service was “remarkable and went above and beyond” expectations.