Nutritional Supplements & Nutraceuticals Flexible Packaging

Glenroy’s flexible packaging solutions can make your nutritional products easier to carry, store, and consume. Glenroy is the flexible packaging supplier of choice for many leading nutritional brands. Since 1965, we’ve been experts in engineering packaging for nutritionals and nutraceuticals.

Many manufacturers of nutritional products, nutraceuticals, and biomedicals are taking advantage of the convenient features of flexible packaging to improve the consumer experience and compete in this growing market. Glenroy is a trusted supplier to many leading brands in this marketplace.

In this highly regulated market, a commitment to quality and regulatory compliance is a must. We provide:

  • Full traceability on all raw materials
  • Quick turnaround of regulatory compliance documentation
  • Robust internal auditing systems

All of Glenroy’s printing, laminating, and pouch converting is done in the U.S., and our onsite packaging engineers provide invaluable resources such as onsite support and engineering optimal film laminations based on your products and filling equipment.

Stand-up Zipper Pouch with Stick Packs

Consumer-friendly Stand-up Pouches

We’ve eased the transition for several brands converting from rigid packaging to stand-up pouches. Our package engineering team can collaborate with you to ensure your stand-up pouches are fully customized for your nutritional products.

We’re able to deliver innovative pouch prototypes printed with your graphics that incorporate convenient features or modern shapes to differentiate your products. Our wide range of pouch converting equipment has produced award-winning pouches and offers some of the most extensive in-house premade pouch converting capabilities in the industry.

A variety of spouts and fitments are available that allow you to put products into spouted pouches that were once limited to rigid packaging.

Spouted pouches provide:

  • One-handed convenience
  • Built-in tamper evidence
  • An easy to use cap
  • Clean and controlled pouring

A variety of other spouts are also available, which can include valves and other features.

Single-dose Packaging

Single-dose packaging such as stickpacks and single-use pouches provide today’s on-the-go consumers with portability and convenience. We offer proprietary flexible packaging materials designed specifically for these uses. For instance, to make single dose packages effortless for consumers to open, we offer materials with easy tear propagation or laser scoring.



    Stickpack packaging material requires certain properties that allows the material to perform well in filling lines. Our stickpack materials are used by leading nutritional brands for products such as drink mix supplements and protein powders.

    Flexible Packaging Benefits

    Flexible packaging offers many benefits in addition to convenience, functionality, portability, & shelf impact:

    • A product that replaces rigid packaging with lightweight flexible packaging consumes less energy in the manufacturing process, offers significant energy savings in the transportation process, and results in a package that uses much less space in a landfill.
    • Switching from plastic bottle packaging to flexible packaging can also result in faster filling rates and savings on storage space.

    Nutritional & Nutraceutical Applications

    We have the technology and expertise to manufacture flexible packaging for a wide array of nutraceuticals, including:

    • Functional beverage mixes & foods
    • Liquid supplements
    • Protein drink mixes
    • Energy bars
    • Supplement tablets and capsules
    • Dissolvable strips
    • Effervescent tablets and powders