Learn how the premade STANDCAP Pouch compares to rigid packaging that’s typical for mayonnaise, mustard, honey, ketchup, chocolate syrup, salad dressing, salsa, hummus, shampoo and hand lotion in a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by PTIS.

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Eco Impact of Inverted Pouches vs. Glass Bottles

According to a recent LCA study by PTIS, choosing premade STANDCAP Pouches instead of glass bottles results in up to:

  • 65% less fossil fuel consumption.
  • 77.8% less greenhouse gas emissions.
  • 80.6% less water usage.

PTIS, LLC is a leading business and technology management company focused on Creating Value Through Packaging© and helping clients throughout the packaging value chain develop long term packaging strategies and programs.

PTIS, recognized for foresight and thought leadership, and the success of their 20 year Future of Packaging program, helps companies achieve and incorporate these elements into their innovation programs, e-commerce, holistic productivity, sustainability, holistic design, and consumer/ retail insights related to packaging.

Exclusive Converter of premade STANDCAP Pouch

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