Convenient. Clean. Disruptive. The premade STANDCAP Pouch is an easy-to-use lightweight package providing mess-free dispensing, 99% product evacuation, and instant shelf impact.

The STANDCAP Pouch allowed a market leader to increase sales by nearly 70% and has been shown to outperform other package formats in consumer eye-tracking research.

Premade STANDCAP Pouch by Glenroy

The All-new Premade STANDCAP Pouch

Provide consumers with a new level of convenience and grow market share with the new premade STANDCAP Pouch from Glenroy:

  • Ready-to-dispense, gravity fed package
  • Customizable anti-spill SimpliSqueeze® valve provides clean & controlled drip-free dispensing
  • Eliminates need for utensils when dispensing product
  • Stable, space-efficient design for easy storage
  • Easy-open flip-cap dispensing closure
  • Built-in tamper-evident pull ring
  • Lightweight & highly portable for on-the-go consumers
  • Provides 99% product evacuation
  • Heightened shelf visibility and instant shelf impact

Glenroy is the exclusive pouch converter of premade STANDCAP Pouches.

Premade STANDCAP Pouch on store shelves

Disrupt Your Product Category

The STANDCAP Pouch has been proven successful in the marketplace—increasing market share significantly for an established brand—and the pouch is poised to disrupt entire product categories.

As the exclusive pouch converter of STANDCAP, Glenroy leverages proprietary VOLPAK converting technology to deliver STANDCAP as a premade pouch, providing brands with a low cost of entry option.

AptarGroup's STANDCAP closure for premade inverted pouch

Innovative Closure

The innovative closure by Aptar—a leader in dispensing solutions—provides mess-free, controlled dispensing with clean product cutoff. The SimpliSqueeze® valve can be fully customized for the viscosity of your product and the desired product stream.

peanut butter, mayonnaise, and shampoo products for STANDCAP premade pouch

Competitive Advantage

Ideal for food, beauty, and home products, this fun-to-use package favored by consumers provides optimum differentiation on the shelf and a competitive advantage for your brand.

Sometimes, to stand out, you have to change your perspective. Be the first to disrupt your product category with this game-changing pouch.

Our STANDCAP Partners

Horizontal Form/Fill/Seal Solutions

VOLPAK is the leader in developing innovative pouch packaging machinery. Global STANDCAP Pouch applications supported by VOLPAK. Applications specific to North America sold and supported by R.A JONES.

Dispensing Solutions

Aptar’s customized pouch dispensing solution features an easy-to open flip-lid closure and a tamper evident pull ring. Its proprietary SimpliSqueeze® valve technology delivers a drip-free and controlled product dispense.

Fill/Seal Technology

Viking Masek, an industry leader in flexible packaging equipment, completes the supply chain with their fill/seal solutions for pre-made STANDCAP Pouches.



Exclusive Pouch Converter of STANDCAP

For over 50 years, Glenroy has been a trusted supplier of high-quality customized flexible packaging. Specializing in flexible packaging laminations and innovative stand-up pouches, we serve leading brands in a variety of industries.



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