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Inverted Pouches Greatly Reduce Eco Impact Compared to Glass Bottles

Glenroy and Uncle Dougie’s, an organic barbeque sauce producer, recently worked with the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) to measure the environmental footprint and sustainability of STANDCAP Pouches (inverted pouches) against glass bottles.

Using COMPASS® software, the industry standard in measuring environmental impact, NMI gathered and analyzed extensive data surrounding raw materials used, manufacturing processes, transportation, and end-of-life disposition between Uncle Dougie’s new inverted pouches and typical glass barbeque sauce bottles. The results of this study show that STANDCAP Pouches:

  • Reduce fossil fuel usage by 65%
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions by 77.8%
  • Reduce overall water usage by 80.6%

Eco Impact of Inverted Pouches vs. Glass Bottles

“We wanted to understand our environmental impact from a holistic standpoint and look for ways to reduce our natural resource consumption as we launched these organic items,” said Rob Johnson, CEO of Uncle Dougie’s. “It’s important to make an impact where we can, and our fans expect us to do so. This package is a huge upgrade for convenience and usability, and proves you can bring meaningful innovation to consumers and do good for the planet at the same time.”

“The results from this eco-impact study are staggering,” said Amanda Dahlby, Marketing Manager at Glenroy. “We commend Original Uncle Dougie’s, LLC for spearheading this study and being an innovator in the source reduction of packaging. The Environmental Protection Agency considers source reduction to be the most effective method of waste management, since it’s not a reactive measure, but rather a preventive measure of addressing pollution at its source. At Glenroy, we support the vision of the EPA and Uncle Dougie’s, and we are actively seeking out new ways to reduce packaging’s impact on the environment, creating “less waste in the first place”.”

Read the full press release issued by Uncle Dougie’s: Uncle Dougie’s New Flexible Squeeze Pouch Drastically Improves Sustainability