In the News: Consumers Seek Sustainable Packaging

Glenroy® was recently featured on the ‘Perfect Packaging’ blog.

“As consumer interest in sustainable packaging continues, brands are left to evolve or falter. Manufacturers are focused on creating sustainable solutions whether it be in production, transportation, or end-of-life; a sustainability factor that often requires education for the general consumer.

Often, a package’s sustainability is tied to whether or not it can be recycled. As many flexible packaging manufacturers and advocates will tell you, this is a shortsighted understanding as there are many ways to lessen the environmental impact outside of recycling.

Take flexible packaging, this malleable form of packaging uses fewer raw materials and water during production, requires less space and energy for shipping, and can extend product shelf-life. Each of these factors lessens the impact on the environment through source reduction, prevention of greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

Manufacturer’s like Glenroy, Inc. who often produce packaging for consumer product goods like food and self-care items, developed packaging that is both recyclable and environmentally friendly during production.”

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