In the News: High Achievers – Innovation and Sustainability Efforts Garner Gold in Annual Contest


“As the judges finish assigning the last awards for the 67th Annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition, they immediately consider which of the 2023 contest’s 31 winning entries would receive the top honor—the Highest Achievement Award.

The judges agree that they would look at how many gold and silver awards they had bestowed on individual packages. Traditionally, the package with the most awards receives the top honor. They agree they will give additional weight to packages that show technical or marketing innovations, as well as improvements in sustainability. The visual awards—such as shelf impact and printing—are important, they say. But the packaging industry overall keeps pushing forward because of the innovations in packaging formats that companies develop.

In the end, the Highest Achievement Award goes to the RESCUE!® Outdoor Disposable Fly Trap package made by Glenroy, Inc. of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. The package is the only entry to have won three individual awards: gold awards in packaging excellence and technical innovation, and a silver award in expanding the use of flexible packaging. That hat trick alone put it at the top.”