In the News: Glenroy’s STANDCAP Meets Critical Guidance from the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

Glenroy® was recently featured in Packaging World. Learn more about the new recyclable STANDCAP below.

“Glenroy announces that after a 2-year development process it received critical recognition from APR for its 100% PE recyclable STANDCAP, a completely eco-friendly alternative to rigid plastic and glass bottles.

The recognition as a #2 recyclable package enables brands to move closer to meeting their Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goals and enables retailers to offer consumers an even more sustainable flexible packaging alternative to rigid plastics and glass.

The availability of the recyclable STANDCAP is a major win for consumers, retailers, food manufacturers and the overall health of our environment,” said Evan Arnold, Vice President of Business Development at Glenroy. “For consumers, this means being able to choose all the benefits of sustainable flexible packaging while also supporting a circular economy. For retailers and food manufacturers, it means a more environmentally friendly product on store shelves. And, for the environment, this helps put America on the path to significantly reducing plastic waste.”

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