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Is Flexible Packaging Recyclable? #GlenroyGlimpse: Store Drop-off Recyclable Pouches

Hey what’s up everyone! I have the pleasure to start our very first edition of #GlenroyGlimpse, a simple and informative segment to showcase our products and services. Today I’ll be showing a product from our sustainable packaging portfolio: store drop off recyclable pouches.

If you’re somewhat familiar with flexible packaging, you’ll know that it’s traditionally challenging to recycle. The main reason relates to flexible packaging’s multilayer plastic structures and the difficulty separating these materials at recycling facilities.

What is store drop-off?

According to How2Recycle®, The Store Drop-Off label applies to certain flexible polyethylene (PE) film packaging, such as bags, wraps and pouches. Through Store Drop-Off recycling, consumers can take items featuring this label—like plastic shopping bags, produce bags, or certain stand up pouches like the one I’m about to show you—to their local participating retail location to recycle. The material then gets recycled into products like composite lumber used for decking or furniture, and plastic grocery bags.

Pouch features

Our store drop-off pouch comes in a barrier and non-barrier version which features reverse-printed, full-color graphics with the option of clear windows. The size I’m showing right now is an 8″x10″ with a 3 inch k-seal gusset. Just like most of our pouches, the size and shape of our store drop off recyclable pouches can be customized.

Glenroy store drop-off pouches feature a Fresh-Lock® Multiplex® zipper:
• 100% recyclable easy-to-use closure that you can hear and feel
• Air-tight locking grid for optimal product protection
• Works well for granular products
• Lasting reclosability allowing for multiple uses

The sealant film is FDA approved for food contact but can be used for various markets such as pet food and treats, household, personal care, and food/baking/snack.

Learn more about these pouches:…

Table-top overview of Glenroy’s recyclable pouches