About Us

About Us


“Our company has used Glenroy for many years and have found them to be an excellent supplier. Their technical staff are leaders in the printed film industry.”
Sr. Engineer

“Glenroy took the time to truly understand my product cycle - how the products are manufactured, pouched, boxed, transported, displayed and finally, actually used by the customer. Glenroy presented me with several great options to be sure the product that started out in the plant remained perfect until the moment the customer opened the bag. The service of Glenroy's staff and the quality of the finished product are outstanding.”
Marketing Manager
APC, Inc.

“I have been using Glenroy film for over fifteen years for three different companies. Whether our customers supply the film or we purchase it directly, it arrives on time, meets all specifications, and runs well on our equipment. As soon as we hear the name Glenroy we know that we can control our success, because the materials are going to work and our customers are going to be satisfied each and every time.”
General Manager
Paxico LLC

“Glenroy has proven over time to be an outstanding supplier of high-quality film that is both consistent and predictable.”
Prime Label & Screen

“Our company has used Glenroy for many years and has always received great service and high-quality products. We love to work with Glenroy and will continue to work with Glenroy for many years to come.”
Production Manager
Lithotype Company, Inc.

“Glenroy continues to be the best supplier to Span. Your team’s ability to react to our needs keeps us coming back for more.”
Director of Sales and Marketing
Span Packaging

“I have been associated with Glenroy for the past five years and recommend them highly. I am truly pleased with the ‘Total Service’ given to me. From the get-go, I receive courteous and prompt attention to orders and quotations. Apart from their ‘written in stone’ dependable lead times, their knowledge and support given to details—such as artwork, technical advice, etc—has aided to eliminate problems that might have occurred. I feel they are part of my team, and that they share the same ‘customer’ focused values as my company.”
Materials Manager
Derma Sciences, Inc.

“We’ve been doing business with Glenroy for over 25 years. Glenroy has produced excellent quality, and has always bent over backwards to address our needs. Glenroy is more than just a trusted supplier; Glenroy is a strategic partner, which is crucial in today’s economy.”
Pioneer Balloon Co.

“Glenroy has a well-deserved reputation for quality and service. When discussing packaging film, I’ve heard several people mention Glenroy and speak highly of the company. If I ever need an order right away, Glenroy gets the product to me on time and gives me updates along the way. Glenroy is a great company to work with.”
Senior Buyer
STERIS Corporation