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Flexible Packaging Film
Glenroy Flexible Packaging Film

Customized packaging materials that protect and enhance your products.
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Stand-Up Pouches
Stand-Up Pouches

Printed stand-up pouches customized for your products.
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Narrow Web Packaging Film
Glenroy Narrow Web Printers Program

Value-added surface printable packaging films with the lowest cost of use.
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Balloon Film
Glenroy Balloon Film

High-quality, expertly-printed metalized films for the balloon film industry.
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Laminating Film
Glenroy Laminating Film

Trusted for protecting digitally imaged, wide-format graphics.
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Flexible packaging with the lowest cost of use has been Glenroy’s specialty since 1965.

As a custom converter of flexible packaging film, Glenroy provides wide web printed and unprinted packaging film rollstock and stand-up pouches.

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Leading consumer product manufacturers, contract packagers, and small to mid-size manufacturers trust Glenroy packaging film because it performs consistently and offers the lowest cost of use.

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Why choose Glenroy?

Packaging engineers choose Glenroy because they can depend on knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive technical support, with fast turnaround on trial materials.

Production managers prefer Glenroy packaging film because they know they’re receiving material that will allow them to meet their production goals.

Buyers value Glenroy because they know their company will have the right material, on time, at the lowest cost of use.

Brand managers appreciate Glenroy because they receive problem-solving support for their packaging challenges, and they can launch new products and samples in record time.

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“Glenroy continues to be the best supplier to Span. Your team’s ability to react to our needs keeps us coming back for more…
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“I have been using Glenroy packaging film for over fifteen years. Whether our customers supply the film or we purchase it directly, it arrives on time, meets all specifications, and runs well on our equipment…
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“I have been associated with Glenroy for the past five years and recommend them highly. I am truly pleased with the ‘Total Service’ given to me. From the get-go, I receive courteous and prompt attention to orders and quotations…
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