Stick Pack Film Laminations

Stick packs are ideal for today’s on-the-go consumers, and provide material savings compared to other packaging options. Glenroy supplies stick pack film laminations for several leading brands of drink mixes and dietary supplements.

Stick packs (or stick pouches) provide a convenient, single-serve, portable package for today’s on-the-go consumers.

Travel-friendly stick packs are ideal for many products, such as powdered drink mixes, sweeteners, vitamins & nutritionals. The packaging format requires 10% to 40% less flexible packaging material than equivalent rectangular pouches.

Glenroy supplies several leading brands of drink mixes and dietary supplements with high-quality stick pack film laminations.

Stick packs with poor tear propagation create mess and frustration for consumers. Glenroy’s stick pack film laminations are engineered for superior tear propagation, improving the consumer experience with easier opening and dispensing.

Our stick pack laminations also feature a high-slip sealant layer designed to seal through contamination, reducing scrap rates and improving production rates.

Glenroy’s stick pack laminations provide:

  • Superior tear propagation
  • High puncture resistance
  • Excellent burst strength
  • Ideal stiffness
  • Ability to seal through contamination
  • Excellent oxygen & moisture barriers

Our packaging engineers are available to ensure your stick pack laminations run effectively on filling equipment. Contact us to learn how we can custom-engineer optimal stick pack laminations for your unique products.