Press-to-close (PTC) zippers provide an economical way to make your pouches easily resealable, improving the consumer experience. We engineer and manufacture customized stand-up pouches with a wide range of press-to-close zippers.

Stand-up pouches with zippers
Zippered stand-up pouch holding rice

Resealable Pouch Advantages

Press-to-close zippers are an excellent, cost-effective recloseable/resealable option for many types of pouches, including both stand-up pouches and lay-flat pouches. Press-to-close zippers:

  • provide convenient recloseability.
  • preserve the freshness of your products for consumers.
  • increase likelihood of original package retention, keeping your brand in front of the consumer.

  • protect against spills and contamination.
Zipper closures for pouches

Zipper Closure Styles

We can provide many different styles of single and double-track press-to-close zippers for your pouches. Press-to-close zipper styles include:

  • Flange zippers
  • Ribbed zippers
  • Color reveal zippers
  • Double-lock zippers
  • Thermoform zippers
  • Powder-Proof™ zippers

Pouch Engineering Expertise

We understand that your package communicates the quality of your brand, and quality is essential. Unlike many flexible packaging manufacturers, we own a wide variety of state-of-the-art pouching machinery. This provides us with full control of your pouches’ quality throughout the entire process.
And we’ll collaborate with you. Our packaging engineers will work with you to create customized zipper pouches based upon your product’s unique formulation, projected life cycle, and filling equipment. We offer the capabilities you need to create consumer-centric zipper pouches with shelf impact.

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