Organic BBQ Sauce in STANDCAP Pouches

Uncle Dougie’s – the maker of natural and organic sauces, marinades and rubs – chose STANDCAP Pouches for five of their unique organic BBQ sauce flavors. These squeeze pouches stand out on the shelf and provide time-saving convenience for users.

According to Rob Johnson, CEO of Uncle Dougies, “The packaging is a real break from the category. The inverted squeeze pouches make it easier for cooks to use our sauces in recipes or for dipping. It also virtually eliminates the mess that typically collects around the lip of typical bottles. We think it’s going to change consumers’ expectations for BBQ Sauce.”

The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) analyzed the environmental footprint and sustainability of these inverted stand-up pouches compared to typical glass barbeque sauce bottles. The results of this study found that STANDCAP Pouches reduce fossil fuel usage by 65%, reduce greenhouse emissions by 78%, and reduce overall water usage by 80%.