Packaging Solutions

Flexible Packaging Solutions

Your unique products require customized packaging solutions. We are experts in problem-solving, and we work with various companies-from small manufacturers to large, nationally-recognized brands-to meet the needs of unique products.

Whether you have a new product, a manufacturing issue with your current packaging, or the desire to improve upon your current packaging, Glenroy can offer you value-added packaging solutions that:

  • meet the specific requirements of your products
  • send your products to market efficiently and on time.
  • get your products noticed by customers.
  • protect your products from the time of manufacture all the way to the end user.
  • take the headache out of packaging.

Unbeatable Lead Times

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Unparalleled Service from Experienced Professionals

Highly skilled and dedicated professionals will be available to help you navigate the nuances of flexible packaging. Glenroy’s packaging experts have an average of 23 years experience in the packaging industry. Learn more

Customized Packaging Solutions

  • Many flexible packaging manufacturers offer a standard “menu” of flexible packaging materials. Not Glenroy. We excel at customizing high-quality, cost-effective packaging material for your products.
  • Glenroy’s packaging film is manufactured for a wide variety of configurations with opening features preferred by consumers, such as resealable stand-up pouches, stickpacks, sample packaging, unit-dose packaging, magazine or mailer inserts, bottleneck samples with coupons, etc.
  • We’ll customize a multilayer packaging solution to protect and enhance your product, ranging from aluminum foil laminates, high-barrier clear and opaque film laminates, paper laminates, to coextruded films.

Materials Selection

A typical flexible packaging film laminate consists of five layers:

Exterior Layer
  • Provides dimensionally stable print surface
  • Protects the ink
  • Protects the barrier layer
  • Plays a role in burst strength & tear resistance
  • Adds to overall pouch strength
Tie Layer
  • Provides another layer of protection for the barrier layer
  • Bonds the outside layer to the barrier layer
  • Hides the color of the barrier layer
Barrier layer
  • Provides chemical resistance
  • Prevents moisture, light, and oxygen transmission
Tie Layer
  • Bonds the foil to the sealant layer film
  • Provides protection to the barrier layer
Sealant Layer
  • Makes the structure heat sealable
  • Contributes to burst strength
  • Helps contain the product
  • Protects the barrier layer

Based on your products’ chemical compatibility, barrier requirements, appearance, economy, regulatory requirements, expected life cycle, packaging equipment, and distribution method, we’ll suggest the ideal flexible packaging structure for your application.

High-barrier Applications

Various ingredients in your products may interact with packaging materials and affect your products’ quality and integrity.

Glenroy has earned a reputation in the packaging industry for having the expertise to manufacture packaging for these “hard-to-hold” products (products that require packaging with exceptional gas barrier and chemical resistance properties).

  1. First, we’ll analyze the ingredients of your products and suggest packaging materials most compatible with your products.
  2. Then, we’ll test the packaging materials for compatibility with your products in our on-site package engineering lab.

Technical Services

Our onsite packaging and process engineers are experts in polymer chemistry, extrusion coating, laminating, and flexographic printing. They will gladly provide you with:

  • Ingredient list analysis
  • Reverse engineering for material breakdown analysis
  • Material suggestion and identification
  • Product & package compatibility testing
    • A process that helps to determine if a material is resistant to chemical degradation or physical change caused by the product
  • Fast turnaround times on test rolls
  • Prototyping
  • Responsive field technical service