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Narrow Web Packaging Film

Dependable and consistent packaging films with the lowest cost of use


“Glenroy has proven over time to be an outstanding supplier of high-quality film that is both consistent and predictable.”
Prime Label & Screen


“Our company has used Glenroy for many years and has always received great service and high-quality products. We love to work with Glenroy and will continue to work with Glenroy for many years to come.”
Production Manager
Lithotype Company, Inc.

Glenroy has been providing narrow web printers with cost-efficient packaging films that set the standard for quality since 1993.

Also known as cosmetic web or narrow web film, Glenroy’s surface printable packaging films are:

  • Manufactured on state-of-the-art extrusion coating and laminating equipment
  • Compatible with most solvent-based, water-based, and UV ink systems
  • Available with custom slitting
  • Produced with only high-quality materials so your film will perform consistently and reliably on your presses—right down to the core
  • Consistent and predictable in every way—from printability to roll conformity
  • Ideal for your high-fidelity packaging film jobs

This adds up to reduced scrap rates, reduced downtime, and satisfied customers who trust your products.


Our bestselling ExpressWeb surface printable films are stocked and ready to ship within two to three business days.

EFS 174-001

PET | White LDPE | Foil | HPC | 1.25 mil LLDPEF

EFS 226-001

PET | White-LDPE | Foil | HPC | 1.5 mil LLDPEF

EFS 174-002

PET | Clear LDPE | Foil | HPC | 1.25 mil LLDPEF

EFS 226-002

PET | Clear LDPE | Foil | HPC | 1.5 mil LLDPEF

EFS 032-004

PET | White LDPE | Foil | EAA | 1.25 mil LLDPEF

EFS 032-005

PET | Clear LDPE | Foil | EAA | 1.25 mil LLDPEF

EFS 129-001

PET | White LDPE | Foil | EAA | 2.0 mil LLDPEF

Please contact our customer service professionals at (800) 824-1482 or for more details.


  • As a trusted supplier of packaging film, Glenroy has an industry reputation for producing rollstock of the highest quality with exceptional lead times.
  • The consistent printability, profile, and roll conformity of Glenroy’s surface printable packaging film is second to none.

Lowest Cost of Use

  • While some manufacturers have reformulated to the cheapest raw materials available to increase their profit margins, we continue to use high-quality materials.
  • The result: Your film will perform reliably right down to the core, reducing scrap material rates and downtime, and allowing you to meet your production goals.

Unparalleled Service

From the moment you contact Glenroy, you’ll understand the meaning of “the Glenroy difference”.

  • Packaging experts are available to suggest the ideal packaging structure for your application and perform product/package compatibility testing.
  • A dedicated account manager, sales representative, and service representative will be exclusively assigned to your account.
  • We’ll work with your company’s specific processes, from procurement to distribution.
  • Your team of Glenroy representatives will be available to travel to your location for on-site technical support.


ExpressWeb surface printable films are engineered for applications such as:

  • Personal care products
  • Cosmetics
  • Wipes
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Household products
  • Baby care products
  • Automotive care products