Flexible Packaging Film Products

Flexible Packaging Film

Customized flexible packaging materials that protect and enhance your products


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Flexible packaging is the fastest growing segment in the packaging industry.

Glenroy produces customized extrusion coated and laminated flexible packaging rollstock and premade pouches for use with vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal equipment.

Lowest Cost of Use Flexible Packaging

Our value-added flexible packaging film results in reduced product waste and improved machine efficiencies. Learn more about how our packaging film can improve your bottom line.

Unbeatable Lead Times

When you choose Glenroy, you’ll experience lead times that aren’t typical in the packaging industry. We are structured to have ample capacity at all times so your urgent orders can be manufactured immediately. Learn More

Unparalleled Service

You’ll have a team of experts who can deliver a flexible packaging solution that meets your technical requirements, budget, and time frame.

We also provide technical field service to help ensure that your packaging runs efficiently and meets your production goals. Learn More

Markets Served

Leading consumer product manufacturers within the beauty & personal care, pharmaceutical & medical, animal care & nutrition, nutraceutical, oral care, infant & child care, household products, and automotive industries have preferred Glenroy packaging film since 1965.

Glenroy packaging film is also popular amongst contract packagers who can’t afford to sacrifice customers and profits to the slower lead times, higher scrap rates, and slower filling lines that can be experienced when working with other packaging film manufacturers.


  • For over 40 years, Glenroy has upheld a reputation in the packaging industry for manufacturing material that performs consistently.
  • While some flexible packaging manufacturers have reformulated to the cheapest raw materials available, we continue to use high-quality materials in our packaging.
  • Our laminations are produced to stringent quality specifications, with traceability from start to finish.
  • Glenroy maintains a GMP manufacturing environment and conducts regular quality audits.
  • Our production facilities exceed many standards set for production of consumer and pharmaceutical packaging.

Customized Packaging Solutions

To create packaging that protects the integrity of your product for the end user, our packaging and process engineers analyze various details about your product, such as:

  • The ingredients of your product
  • The expected life cycle of the product being packaged
  • The distribution method of the product being packaged
  • The type of packaging equipment your package will run on

This analysis determines the specific requirements of your product’s packaging, such as burst strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, barriers against moisture, light, and oxygen, stiffness, tear propogation, peel properties, sealing requirements, etc.

High-barrier Applications

Various ingredients in your products may interact with packaging materials and affect your products’ quality and integrity.

Glenroy has earned a reputation in the packaging industry for having the expertise to manufacture packaging for these “hard-to-hold” products (products that require packaging with exceptional gas barrier and chemical resistance properties).

  1. First, we’ll analyze the ingredients of your products and suggest packaging materials most compatible with your products.
  2. Then, we’ll test the packaging materials for compatibility with your products in our on-site package engineering lab.

High-impact Packaging

  • Glenroy is equipped with the materials and expertise to help you create packaging that cannot be ignored.
  • We offer premium flexible packaging that will not allow graphics to look dull or gray, regardless of the barriers used in the packaging structure.
  • Glenroy has been awarded with over 85 package printing awards.

Packaging Equipment

Manufacturers’ form/fill/seal machines that have run Glenroy’s packaging film include, but are not limited to:

  • Bartelt
  • Boatopack
  • Bosch
  • Bossar
  • Centerline
  • Circle
  • Delta
  • Doboy
  • Enflex
  • Flowrap
  • Gard
  • Hassia
  • Hayssen
  • HMC Packaging
  • Imar
  • Jones Ap
  • Key-Pak Machines, Inc.
  • KHS
  • Klockner
  • Korber
  • Lakso
  • Laudenberg
  • Marchesini
  • Matrix
  • Mediseal
  • Multivac
  • Norwalt
  • Pakpoucher
  • Piltz
  • Prodo-Pak
  • Ropak
  • Siebler
  • Tiromat
  • Triangle
  • Uhlmann
  • Universal Packaging, Inc.
  • Volpak
  • Winpak
  • Wrapade