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Balloon Film

High-quality, expertly-printed metalized films for the balloon film industry

For over 4 decades, Glenroy has been a leading supplier for the metalized balloon film industry. The balloon film roll stock Glenroy manufactures and prints is supplied to balloon manufacturers for the forming and sealing, packaging, and distribution process.


“We’ve been doing business with Glenroy for over 25 years. Glenroy has produced excellent quality, and has always bent over backwards to address our needs. Glenroy is more than just a trusted supplier; Glenroy is a strategic partner, which is crucial in today’s economy.”
Pioneer Balloon Co.

When you choose Glenroy balloon film, you'll receive:

  • Strong seal strength and long-lasting float times
  • The lowest cost of use of any balloon films available
  • The highest level of service in the industry
  • Exceptional lead times


  • Film for printed balloons up to 36" in diameter
  • Film for double-sided balloons
  • Film for uniquely shaped balloons (hearts, stars, etc.)
  • 10-color flexographic printing on state-of-the-art presses
  • Optimum graphics quality yielding bright colors, defined images, and distinct lines
  • Superior coating and laminating methods
  • Ability to partner with customers in developing innovative new balloon materials
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