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The Glenroy Difference

The Glenroy Difference


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Unbeatable Lead Times

When you choose Glenroy, you’ll experience lead times that aren’t typical in the packaging industry.

We are structured to have ample capacity at all times so your urgent orders can be manufactured immediately.

Other packaging companies operating at capacity may need to wait several weeks to schedule production of your order.

Lead times can be especially critical during product launches.

  • Our package development and customization abilities, coupled with rapid turnaround times, can help you get your new products to market in record time-without sacrificing quality or performance.

When deadlines are tight and expectations are high, it’s time to contact Glenroy.

What “Lowest Cost of Use” Means to Your Bottom Line

Beyond the cost of purchasing your packaging material is the “cost of use” of your packaging material.

The “cost of use” is affected greatly by how your packaging performs on the form/fill/seal equipment that is used to package products.

How does Glenroy’s flexible packaging achieve the “lowest cost of use?” Glenroy’s packaging film:

  • performs consistently well on form/fill/seal machines and allows you to meet your production goals.
  • may be used down to the core, which reduces material scrap waste.
  • can be run at high speeds on form/fill/seal lines, reducing production times.
  • is consistent from roll to roll, and doesn’t require constant adjustments on filling lines.
  • reduces downtime by running consistently and reliably on packaging equipment.

In addition, your organization will save time through the ease of ordering and exceptional communication Glenroy provides during the production and distribution process.

Request a consultation with one of our experienced packaging representatives.

Quality You Can Depend On

For over 40 years, Glenroy has upheld a reputation in the packaging industry for consistent quality.

  • While some flexible packaging manufacturers have reformulated to the cheapest raw materials available, we continue to use high-quality materials in our products to ensure that your packaging performs consistently throughout the distribution and lifecycle of your product.
  • We continually invest in our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and our highly skilled machine operators.
  • Glenroy maintains a GMP manufacturing environment and conducts regular quality audits.
  • Over 85 printing and supplier awards have been awarded to Glenroy.

Unparalleled Service from Experienced Professionals

From the moment you contact Glenroy, you’ll understand the meaning of “the Glenroy difference”.

  • Instead of a computerized message and endless telephone prompts, you’ll experience an actual person answering your call, providing you with the answers you need.
  • Highly skilled and dedicated professionals will be available to help you navigate the nuances of flexible packaging and suggest the best materials for your products. (Glenroy’s packaging experts have an average of 23 years experience in the packaging industry.)
  • A dedicated account manager, sales representative, and customer service representative will be exclusively assigned to your account and will assist you with each of your packaging projects.
  • We’re flexible and will work with your company’s specific processes, from procurement to distribution.
  • To help ensure that your packaging runs efficiently and meets your production goals, your team of Glenroy representatives will be available to travel to your location for on-site technical support.

In short, we take the headache out of packaging.

Customized Solutions

With so many flexible packaging options available, selecting the right type of packaging to meet your products’ specific requirements can be a challenge.

Many flexible packaging manufacturers offer a standard “menu” of flexible packaging materials. Not Glenroy. We excel at customized applications.

We provide a team of experts who can deliver a flexible packaging solution that meets your technical requirements, budget, and time frame.

Request information on how Glenroy can help you.

Our packaging and process engineers will analyze your product and work with you to create the ideal packaging structure based on your product’s:

  • distribution process and life cycle.
  • unique ingredients.
  • form/fill/seal equipment and processes.

With options such as advanced barrier films to preserve product integrity and proprietary substrates that make your packaging impossible to ignore, we have the technology and expertise to protect and enhance your product.